1. Check your configuration setting to make sure your video, audio, and microphone settings are correct and the correct devices are selected. You can view your configuration settings in the bottom left-hand section of the video conference interface page.

  2. Make sure your speakers are plugged in to the correct port and your microphone is turned on.

  3. In some cases, a feedback loop from internal microphone and speakers may occur, causing an echo in the audio feed. If you are experiencing an echo in audio, there is a chance that you have multiple audio devices enabled at once.

  4. You can manage your microphone and speaker settings in the computer control panel. Make sure that the appropriate audio and microphone devices are enabled and that any other audio and microphone devices are disabled.

For Windows: Go to control panel>device manager>sound/video controllers>double click to disable.

For Mac: Go to System Preferences>Hardware>select speaker and microphone icons, respectively.

  1. If the echoing persists, we recommend using a headset or using headphones for the speakers especially if the speakers are too close to the mic, causing a feedback loop.

  2. If you are still experiencing problems, we encourage you to contact our support team at help@inpathy.com or 888-958-2885