1. Make sure you are using OS and browser types/versions that are compatible with WeCounsel’s video conferencing software. View options here.

  2. Make sure that the Plug-in is properly installed. If you still see the popup alert to download the plugin, it has not been successfully installed.

  3. Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Test your internet speed here.

  4. Refresh your page and re-start the session. If that does not work, restart your browser and start the session again.

  5. Try to start the session in a different browser

  6. Check to make sure the green video light turns on indicating that the plug-in software has engaged the device. If not, others will not be able to see you. Double check your configuration settings (refer to step 7).

  7. Check your configuration setting to make sure your video, audio, and microphone settings are correct and the correct devices are selected. You can view your configuration settings in the bottom left-hand section of the video conference interface page.

  8. You may need to deactivate or disable alternate audio/visual devices in order for the desired ones to engage properly.

For Windows: Go to control panel>device manager>sound/video controllers>double click to disable.

For Mac: Go to System Preferences>Hardware>select speaker and microphone icons, respectively.

  1. If you are still experiencing problems, we encourage you to contact our support team at help@inpathy.com or 888-958-2885