1. In some browsers, particularly Chrome, it may ask you to “allow software to run” even after installing. If so, click “always run” at the top of the page and refresh your browser again. You can verify that that the Vidyo plug-in is indeed enabled for that specific browser by checking in that browser’s settings. For Chrome, search for “chrome://plug-ins” in your search bar, and scroll down to the Vidyo plug-in, and make sure that the plug-in is enabled, and “Always allowed” is checked.

2. If the installation is still unsuccessful try downloading and installing it in a different browser. We recommend Firefox.

3. Anti-virus or security software can sometimes block the video plug-in from downloading and installing correctly. If this happens, you will not see the Vidyo plug-in in your list of programs in your control panel. Check your security software’s settings to make sure that the Vidyo plug-in is allowed to download and run. This often requires you to turn off your security software’s shields, firewall and malware protection momentarily to download the plugin. After downloading the plugin, you can turn these settings back on. 


4. If you are still experiencing problems, we encourage you to contact our support team at help@inpathy.com or 888-958-2885