In order to get the video conferencing interface to appear, the Vidyo plug-in needs to be downloaded. You can download this HD multipoint video conferencing and video collaboration by:

1. Log In using the account email and password provided upon initial sign up.

2. Click the WeSession List under your profile picture.

3. First you will need to have a session scheduled (refer to scheduling answers)

4. Click the green Check-In link under your Today’s Reminders or by visiting the WeSession List tab below the profile picture.

5. Agree to the Pre-Session agreement page, your client is getting a similar page.

6. Once you and your client have checked in a light blue window displaying “Vidyo Plugin Not Detected.

7. Click the appropriate operating system (e.g. Windows PC, Mac).


8. Follow the downloading steps. Once Vidyo is downloaded a Install Dropbox window should pop up:

a.) Drag the Vidyo application icon into your operating systems drop box and

b.) Follow the Installment process.

c.) Once you are finished preform a hard refresh on your WeSession video conferencing page by holding down your Command button and clicking the in the address bar.