Yes. The client will have to register as well. There are three different ways to connect with your client. 1) Provide your client with your unique Verification Code for them to use during registration, 2) Provide your client with your unique Verification Code to input on their profile page (under their profile picture), or 3) Invite clients via the "Invite Clients" button on the top of your provider profile page


Your provider code can be found by following these steps: 


1. Login using the account email and password provided at the initial sign up.

2. Click on the My Network tab > My Account.

3. On the "Main" page of "My Account", you can see your provider code under your Plan details. 

4. Your current Verification Code for clients is represented by a six-character (letter/number) code.


e.g. - 0XO7L2.


You can provide this code to your client via. email, phone, or in person. Once your client has your verification code , they will need to conduct the following steps.

1. Go to, and click Sign Up > Client 

2. The first step of registration will give your client the option of entering this Provider Code 

3. Complete the rest of the registration process

4. An email will be sent to the email address provided above. The client must confirm their email address before their login is activated.


If your client forgot to enter your provider code, no worries. They can enter this provider code once they have signed up and logged into their WeCounsel account by:

1. Go to their Profile page
2. Click the "Enter Provider Code" link below their profile picture
3. Enter the Provider Code into the appropriate field, and cick "Save"



Once your client has entered your provider code (in registration or on their profile), a request for your client to join your network will then be sent to you (the provider). You will need approve this request. Once you (the provider) have added your client to your network they (the client) will receive a notification as well. Following these instructions should connect you to your client.